Rite: continues! ROS: Episode 2

Curious how we filmed the aireal footage in Episode 2? From a commercial jet near you. :-) We spend much (MUCH!) of our time on airplanes, and I love sitting by the window. (Liz, on the other hand, prefers the isle seats.) Over the past several months, I filmed all of the clouds and landscapes while daydreaming in my seat with my trusty Nikon D600 in hand. I actually started requesting seats at the very back of the plane so my view wouldn't be encumbered by the wings!

And now, a brief description of the episode: 

EPISODE 2 of 10: Tension begins to build amid the interplay of contrasting phenomena: the wild and cultivated, desolate and congested, rustic and ornate, earthy and ethereal. The journey gains momentum in the brilliance of daylight, yet omens lurk.