Rite: ON! ROS: Episode 1

And so it begins ...

A century ago on this day, The Rite of Spring received its infamously riotous premiere in Paris. As a tribute to this milestone in musical history, we present the opening installment of our Rite of Spring video project:

Igor Stravinsky's groundbreaking, timeless composition has compelled us to push ourselves to the hilt and to challenge the parameters of our filmmaking abilities. One of our favorite pieces to perform, the Rite has proven to provide fascinating fodder for a music video (albeit a very lengthy one!): the literal and symbolic connotations of spring and rites of passage -- the resurgence of the earth in all its elemental glory; the poignancy of discovery; the loss of innocence; the heated intensity, even eroticism, of primal urges; the shedding of layers, physical and metaphorical; etc., etc. -- are full of rich cinematic possibility, and we've let our imaginations run wild in an effort to capture the searing vision of this masterwork.

{Future episodes of this 10-part, 35-minute film will be released on YouTube, every other Wednesday throughout the summer. The next episode will air on June 12, 2013.}