ROS: Episode 3

Greg and I spend a lot of time together. A lot. Between performing, traveling, working on new videos and arrangments, and of course, REHEARSING, it's safe to say that we know each other pretty well. Filming this segment, however, we got to try something we've never done with each other: fighting. Well, at least we've never had any physical altercations ... we have a harmonious relationship for the most part. ;)

Amid all the "fighting," some beautiful images from our recent trip to NYC have been folded into this episode. The last shot in particular was a gift from the city. Thank you, New York -- we love you!

EPISODE 3 of 10: In the blazing heat of the sun, reality starts to bend. As the wanderers continue to drift through the urban jungle, their inner alienation is reflected by the scorched wasteland of the desert. The strain of the journey mounts to a pivotal breaking point.