ROS: Episode 6

This was, undoubtedly, one of our favorite *and* most infuriating shoots. We're both suckers for the colors, moods, and symbolism of dusk — a sunset, after all, is one of those things that routinely reminds us of the earth's beauty, every day, no matter where we may be: in the dirty city, on a plane, sitting on the patio at home... 

But filming a music video during twilight can be a nightmare. First of all, twilight seems to be done and over with in all of 20 minutes, which is decidedly never enough time for our needs. It's as if the sun just can't wait to get to bed, so impatient as it approaches the horizon. Then, the sun, ever-present in the background, serves as a visual clock for the viewer: it's an inconsistency time bomb waiting to happen. Everything must be filmed on time and in order, or the sun will appear to jump up and down the horizon like a yo-yo. To make matters worse, somebody in an ultra light helicopter kept ruining our "African Safari" shot!


Frustrations aside, we're really pleased with the result! It's our ode to dusk.

EPISODE 6 of 10: The journey has entered a new dimension: the alien landscape of the mind. As the seekers proceed inward, they begin to detach from the world around them. In the gloaming, they face the murky unknown.

P.S. Does the music sound familiar to you? R2-D2 and C-3PO wander the deserts of Tatooine to this music in the Star Wars films. (Apparently John Williams is a fan of the Rite of Spring too!)