Rite: Hallucinations! RoS: Episode 7

Liz and I seem to have endless visual ideas when it comes to hallucinations and music. We filmed an unbelievable amount of footage for this episode, and we were so sad to pare it down to a mere three minutes. Our mantra while filming, it seems, was: "Great idea! Let's film it!" It took me two weeks alone just to watch and sort through all the footage! Bubbles, Christmas lights, black lights, clocks, Kabuki outfits, dancers, smoke, masks, candles, crazy lenses, wine, and more.

Special thanks to our friends who helped with this episode, especially the four lovely dancers; Caitlin, our skilled bubble-blower; the Glinsky's, who dropped everything to let me terrorize their clock during a dinner party; and all of our "life-flashing-before-your-eyes" stand-ins!

EPISODE 7 of 10: As darkness falls upon the earth, the wanderers weave in and out of a fever dream that is part primordial remembrance, part futuristic mirage. This time-bending dance eventually spirals into no-man's land, triggering the journeyers to snap back to reality: the hand of fate has irrevocably assigned them to complete their mission.