Let's Rock.

We’re back with another music video premiere! In a sharp departure from the sultry, serene, and soothing imagery in our last several music videos, we’ve ventured into the wild and unpredictable world of grunge rock. A cross between heavy metal and punk, the gritty “Seattle scene”—along with a whole lotta flying hair—compliments our arrangement of György Ligeti’s “Hungarian Rock.”

Originally composed as a chaconne for a single harpsichord, Ligeti gave the Baroque ostinato an eclectic overhaul with his "Hungarian Rock.” Our two-piano arrangement makes use of a muted second keyboard for a rocking percussive effect and pushes the primo pianist to the max with blistering cascades of short interval notes. The result: a monster piece crackling with energy. No amps required.

Rock & roll. 🤘