Composition Competition Submission Highlights (1 of 3)

Last fall we received 46 incredible submissions in our first ever New Music New Video composition competition. Many of these were just too good to keep to ourselves, so we've selected a handful of noteworthy entries to highlight in short video clips for your listening pleasure.

The first piece we introduced to our fans was Rhapsodie #4 “The Sirens” from California composer Danaë Xanthe Vlasse (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter). We were compelled by the unabashedly neo-Romantic aesthetic and haunting narrative of "The Sirens.” Danaë expertly conjured the sirens’ seductive yet dangerous allure through yearning melodies and a slow-burning intensity that’s to die for:

Benjamin Gribble (Facebook and Soundcloud) entered the competition with his composition “Try and Stop Me.” It was a close contender, and no one could stop us from showcasing this brief excerpt of his entry. 😉What we love: Benjamin’s sophisticated writing, the work’s purposeful evolution and almost trance-like quality, and the funk:

Look out for more excerpts soon!