🎥 Loving the process 🎬

The New Music • New Video composition competition is underway and our imaginations are in full gear. Playing through your submissions so far has been nothing short of inspiring. We're so eager to see what you come up with next! As a reminder, the deadline for submissions is September 1, 2018, so get your composing engines running and let us see what you can do. 

In addition to learning and performing the winning submission, we're excited to create the music video with the input of the winning composer. Our music videos, which started as a fun side project over a decade ago, have become an integral part of our creative expression as artists. From the very beginning, our videos have been completely self-produced, something a lot of viewers don't seem to notice. We initially didn’t have the funds to hire a professional film crew, so we thought we might as well go ahead and make music videos on our own. To this day, we jointly contribute to the vision/concept, narrative, production, and filming. Greg assembles the footage using Adobe Premiere and After Effects, and we refine and finalize the video together. At this point, we're practically a full-blown production company, and we're looking forward to sharing our skills and resources with an up-and-coming composer.

Watch our 5-minute excerpt from "Chronicles of the Rite" below to get a taste of our approach to filmmaking: