A&R: 2017 Cliburn Competition Webcast Hosts

After a busy touring season (75+ performances worldwide, including appearances with the San Francisco Symphony and the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic!), we’re shifting gears to host the official live webcast of the upcoming 2017 Van Cliburn International Piano Competition.

Join us online (and at movie theaters—see below!) May 25 – June 10 as we guide viewers through over 110 hours of live performances, interviews, and behind-the-scenes footage. The webcasts, broadcast by medici.tv, will be available both live and on demand for free to viewers around the world at Cliburn.org and for the first time ever, you can experience the final round performances (hosted by yours truly!) at over 300 movie theaters nationwide on Saturday, June 10. To find a participating theater near you, click here.

(And don't worry; we'll do our best to bring our Tara Lipinski & Johnny Weir charm to the proceedings. 😉 )