Lose Yourself to Dance!

Lights, skates, cameras, action! It's been a while in the making (due to our nonstop touring schedule!) but our latest music video is finally here—our two-piano cover of Daft Punk's "Lose Yourself to Dance," filmed at the Moonlight Rollerway in Los Angeles:

We managed to get two Steinway concert grands into this famed roller rink (featured in a plethora of TV shows, movies, and music videos), the ideal venue for Daft Punk's discotastic track. Joined by our wonderful co-director, producer and cinematographer, Victoria Sendra (with whom we collaborated on our recent "Mambo" and "Shake It Off" music videos), and her assistant Christopher Ruiz, we made the most of our brief shoot on and off the pianos (needless to say, our musical coordination as a duo doesn't translate so seamlessly to roller skating ... we may have taken a few spills during filming!). In the end, we envisioned a video that visually reflects the kaleidoscopic, hypnotic groove of the music, and we hope it inspires you to lose yourself in the best way possible.

Magic in the discolights...