New Music • New Video Competition

We’re thrilled to announce our New Music • New Video composition competition! Driven by our passion to make classical music a relevant force in today's society, we’ve come up with a composition competition unlike any other. 

The purpose of this call is to encourage composers to create new, impactful works for piano duo. We will perform the winning submission in a fully produced Anderson & Roe music video, to be shared over all our social media channels.

This is a unique opportunity for a composer—young or old, brand new or well established, self-taught or conservatory educated—to have their work potentially reach millions of new listeners all over the world by featuring their talents on the global stage: social media.

We're incredibly eager to share our passion and platform with the winning composer, and we can't wait to see what sort of wild, weird, and exciting film we'll create together. The deadline is September 1, 2018. Start your composing engines!