reimagination, obsession

The time has come: our debut album "Reimagine" is finally here! We are proud to unveil Trailer #1:

Being immersed in the CD release process has prompted me to think about what drives Greg and me as performers and creators. The other day I was reading The New York Times and I came across this article on Keira Knightley. Something she was quoted as saying struck a chord with me:

“ 'Sorry,' she said. 'But if you’re going to be part of this business, I think you have to be a little bit like this. You have to be a bit obsessed.'”

In my opinion, her comment totally applies to a life in music (or in any of the arts) as well: if you're going to be a musician, you have to be a bit obsessed. Though I generally believe in balance and moderation, there is no denying that the creative process has this unique, ineluctable power to overcome, enthrall and consume me. And this always happens when Greg and I work together.

For instance, last night we stayed up until the wee hours of the morning finishing up the trailer video. As I took care of various CD release matters I couldn't stop glancing over at Greg's computer and laughing gleefully at the creation emerging before our eyes. While marveling at Greg's brilliant movie-making skills, I continuously offered my own two cents (which probably annoyed him!). And when we looked at the clock and noticed that it was the hour when most decent citizens of the world start their day, we were too wired to care; time really does fly when you're having fun!

So yes, we're obsessed with music and with bringing our artistic ideas to life, but really, we're just like two kids who are having such a great time playing that time and worries and limitations just fade into oblivion. EJR

P.S. Greg really does want to write to all of you, but since he's been busy with the videos and other pieces of business, I have been the resident blogger of late. We both hope you enjoy our new album—buy it now at CD Baby!