mmmm, swans (only my sisters will get this...)

Hi, everyone! In anticipation of our Jan. 15 album release, we have posted a new video for you to watch. Behold "The Swan":

As you can see, this differs from most of our other YouTube creations in that it's a pretty straightforward, performance-based video (and we're finally on two dovetailed pianos!). We taped it in August around midnight after one of our "Reimagine" recording sessions. The stage manager at SUNY Purchase, Val Franco, offered to take the camera for a few moving shots, and we took care of the other camera angles, setting up the camcorder at various spots in the recital hall. Another unique quality about this video is that it's dreamier in mood (to match the music's shimmering lyricism). Plus, this video is here to whet your appetite as this piece is included on our CD, so enjoy!

(Just so you know, we've got some more special treats for you coming up, so brace yourselves!) -Liz