Making the Recording (Part 1 of ?)

A quick update for the curious at heart:

The new Anderson & Roe Piano Duo CD has been recorded. "Phew!"

The recording session facts:
* 2 grueling 10-hour days of non-stop Anderson & Roe adrenalized performance
* 3 Steinway Concert D's (2 New Yorks and 1 Hamburg)
* 2 fantastic engineers - Joe Patrych and his entertaining sidekick, Misha
* 1 responsible and surprisingly helpful stagehand, Val Franco
* Thousands of $$$ (We're still in need of sponsors! Contact to help out.)

In it's completion, the CD release will be doused in everything Anderson & Roe - Anderson & Roe music and arrangements, Anderson & Roe adrenaline, Anderson & Roe-style photos and liner notes, and Anderson & Roe music videos. Join the mailing list to receive notification of its release later this fall!