Hello, readers! We're back after a blogging hiatus. We're also finally back in the same place after a substantial period of separation (let's just say that various family members were happy to spend some quality time with their elusive kin!). We have been busy practicing (and like the rest of the world, keeping up with Harry Potter--more on that later) and we are excited to give you a preview of our plans for the summer.

First, a recording is in the works. The CD will be self-produced and will feature our trademark Anderson/Roe transcriptions and compositions as well as Stravinsky's mammoth Rite of Spring. It's an ambitious project, to be sure, but we're up to the challenge! Rehearsals have been rigorous, fun, and generously air-conditioned.

Besides that, another music video is in progress, and this one is likely to top the others in craziness. Curious? We promise not to disappoint. ;-)