Southwest Sojourn, Part III

A third posting on our Southwest Sojourn, again by yours truly - Greg.

The six-piano concert that Liz mentioned was a unique experience for the two of us. I've composed piles of music for five pianos (The 5 Browns), but I've never actually performed with more than one other piano at the same time. Surprisingly, the six of us fit together remarkably easily, and with only 20 minutes of rehearsal, we were ready to perform Tim Seddon's compact minimalist statement: Sixteen for six pianos. Cool piece! We spent nearly every minute around our joyous colleagues, The Piano Ensemble (Fred Oldenburg, Jeroen van Veen, and Elizabeth and Marcel Bergmann), chuckling, laughing, and guffawing.

I'll leave a discussion of our photo shoot in the Rocky Mountains to my dear friend, Liz. :-)