Southwest Sojourn, Part II

Liz wrote about the first concert, so I'll tackle the second. Titled "Flair & Fury: A new approach to four hands at one piano," this concert attempted to show just what could be done by two pianists at one piano. It sounded like a nice idea in theory, but "man!" did those 75 minutes of music give us a workout. We'll need a daily aerobic routine if we plan to perform the "Flair & Fury" program with any frequency!

Nevertheless, the concert went well, particularly The Rite of Spring. The poor piano didn't know what hit it. (For those who are interested, "Spring Rounds" hit it ... and, well, so did the "Sacrificial Dance").

We worked out some awesome lighting design for the performance with the excellent designer, Z. Z nailed all the cues and continually amazed us with her spot-on portrayal of the music through lighting. For those of you in attendance, what did you think? Did the lighting enhance or detract from the music?