There is an overriding joy in their music-making. Couple that with incredible technical abilities, ensemble second to none, and, in their videos, a true sense of theatrical entertainment, and you have a positive look at the future of classical music performance. They do have it all, and any classical music lover owes it to himself to hear Anderson & Roe.
— American Record Guide
Anderson and Roe are the very model of complete 21st-century musicians. They fuse classical and pop music into a blend of high artistry and skillful entertainment... That they are crack pianists goes without saying.

A sweet and jewel-like performance … ferocious, thundering…
— The Washington Post
Sparkling … exhilarating!

Certainly [Bach] would have embraced Anderson & Roe’s ingenuity and musicianship. Uncanny ensemble prowess ... gorgeously calibrated legato phrasing. The music dances off the page.
— Gramophone
Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers transposed from the dance floor to the keyboard.
— The Southampton Press
Believe all the hype: Greg Anderson and Elizabeth Joy Roe—more famously called Anderson & Roe—are electric. The piano duo did more than celebrate the launch of their new album; they fashioned an entirely new concert experience.
— Bachtrack
Even the most jaded of concert goers sat forward in their seats and dropped their jaws in amazement as these two just re-wrote the book of the tedious concert recital.
— The Herald-Tribune
The audience, like Vesuvius, erupted with one massive cheer, jumping to its feet, settling for a moment like hot pumice only to explode again minutes later for two more dazzling pyrotechnic encores. …all the flamboyance, adrenaline and infectious passion that youth and virtuosity could muster.
— Performance Arts Monterey Bay
Anderson & Roe are the gold standard among today’s piano duos.
— Daily Camera
No more sensational young piano duo team can be found … the most dynamic duo of this generation.
Explosive creativity ... refreshing ... exuberant ... volatile and thrilling.
— San Francisco Classical Voice
Breathtaking. They breathed as one … an almost telepathic understanding of each other’s musicianship and an outrageous and transcendental technique.

Testament to the popularity of Anderson & Roe: the line for their autographs was longer than that for Lang Lang’s.
— The Straits Times
The highest level of artistry. Phrasings tapered across the instruments; harmonies blended sumptuously; articulations were perfectly matched in weight and color.
— The Star-Telegram
Rock stars in the classical musical world.
— Miami Herald:
Bold and brash, full of unexpected twists, Anderson and Roe pull off an expertly rendered, elegantly pianistic moonwalk.
At the core of Anderson & Roe’s performance is a downright lustful grab for the music’s raw impulses. Spotless diction, perfect teamwork, expertly balanced dynamics. A monumental sound; their warm, full tone is a delight ... Their arrangements are feats of magic. Huge cheers.
— Süddeutsche Zeitung
Anderson & Roe gave an electrifying performance that swept the audience into a cheering mass of humanity, making a strong case that playing piano is the most fun thing that two people could ever do together.
— Northwest Reverb
Bloody knuckles and poked eyes: these two play rough.
Greg and Liz take an iconoclastic pleasure in smashing through the stereotype of classical music as a tame and harmless anachronism.
— Clavier Companion


Sample Programs include two-piano programs, a one-piano/four-hand program, children's repertoire, and a holiday program.