The Top 10 Reasons to Purchase "When Words Fade"

  • TEN | It makes the perfect holiday gift for music listeners of all types—from the classical neophytes to the diehard aficionados.
  • NINE | Engineered by Grammy Award-winning Steven Epstein and recorded on two beautiful Steinway concert grands, the sound quality on this Steinway Label release will blow you away.
  • EIGHT | Where else can you hear two classical pianists jam to pop songs by Michael Jackson and Coldplay? The dance party is on!
  • SEVEN | The packaging features superlative photos, 12 glossy pages of utterly fascinating commentary, and two of the roundest discs we've ever seen!!!! (They make terrific frisbees ... we know, we've tried.)
  • SIX | To answer the following question: How on earth will Greg & Liz translate Jacques Brel's inimitable style and picturesque lyrics to the (wordless) piano duo medium?
  • FIVE | Help us get on the charts!
  • FOUR | Bizet's glorious (but lengthy) opera Carmen has been lovingly fashioned into a "Cliffs Notes" version ... we like to call it our Carmen Thriller.
  • THREE | We rock out to Radiohead's "Paranoid Android." Our favorite track.
  • TWO | The BONUS DVD! Share our cinematic, demonic, sublime, and smoldering music videos with your friends. Music by Vivaldi, Schubert and more come to life!
  • ONE | Embark on an awe-inspiring psychological journey through the depths of the night. This genre-busting, boundary-crossing album features 12 wordless arrangements of songs that speak to the irresistible magic of the night. 

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