Questions with answers

We've been letting questions in the "question bin" pile up for some time now. I'll take a stab at answering a few of them. (And if you have any burning questions for Anderson & Roe, add them to the bin here!)

Giselle asks:

How do you decide which one of you plays each part of a duo/duet?      

Who ends up where? Who's on top, who's on bottom? Left piano, right piano?!? We're versatile! We like to spice things up! When writing music we try to keep the parts balanced, and when deciding parts we aim for variety. If Liz was on piano 1 for a particularly lyrical piece last time, I'll take the piano 1 part this time. If I exhausted myself with endless repeated notes in one piece, we'll make sure Liz takes them the next go 'round. 

That said, sometimes we'll switch sides at a concert, depending on the pianos and the other pieces we're playing. We may sit at the piano that suits the needs of our part, regardless of whether that's the piano we're *supposed* to sit at. Or we may switch sides just for the sake of renewed inspiration -- a different instrument and acoustical angle throws new surprises our way and adds to the spontaneity of live performance!

Puddin' asks:

How about some Gershwin?      

Check out our new CD when it comes out in October! Although there is no Gershwin, there is Jacques Brel, and we think you'd approve. Although he wasn't the melody writer Gershwin was, Brel's songs contained equal amounts of sophistication and jazzy delight, in addition to an unhealthy dose of charisma. ;-)

And if that's not enough for you, come to one of our Midwest tour performances in late-October and November. It's safe to say we'll have a special treat for you.

And finally, Alan asks:

My question is how is the score/parts formatted? is it printed like a part where secondo on the left, and primo on the right? or is it like a conductor score, both parts on the same page and same staff?

This one's easy. We format our one-piano/four-hand scores like a conductor's score. As a duo, we like to see how our part fits into the whole, and when rehearsing we like to point at the page rather than count measure numbers. 

There's loads more questions I haven't answered. We'll save them for another rainy day (or in this case, a tropical storm!).