piano festivals

Banff, Canada (August, 2004)

Banff was a breath of fresh air, both literally and figuratively. Nestled way up in the glorious Canadian Rockies, we questioned why “purple mountains of majesty” didn’t make it into any Canadian national song. We hiked Tunnel Mountain on a number of occasions, but don’t raise an eyebrow – it only takes an hour to get to the top. Nevertheless, the view was incredible, especially on the windy cliff or during a sunset. One of the highlights of our trip was definitely the Perseid Meteor Shower. In the dark and clear skies, we saw over 100 shooting stars. And, of course, we had a fantastic time performing for the Canadian crowds.

Pianofest in the Hamptons (June and July, 2004)

Pianofest in the Hamptons has become a staple of our summer for the past three years. Pianofest is an outstanding festival for a number of reasons: there is a tight-knit, family-like atmosphere due to the small number of participants; we have the opportunity to study with several superb musicians; and we spend most of our down-time at the gorgeous beaches. If there is anything we have contributed to the daily life of Pianofest, it has been our infamous “chore boards” – elaborate calendars that designate the cleaning and practice schedules! We will always remember Pianofest for its home cooked meals, marathon Mafia games, enthusiastic audiences, fabulous parties, and countless moments of joyful music making.