Playin' Outdoors

We're excited to celebrate the summer in high style at the Huntington Summer Arts Festival. This Friday evening. FREE admission!

This promises to be a super fun and festive evening, and notably, the concert is outdoors (in Heckscher Park in Huntington, NY). We've never played a live duo concert without the predictable accousitcal space of a concert hall at our disposal, and we're admittedly a little nervous -- and excited -- about the affair. Will the audience talk through the whole event? Will the amplification hold up? Will the birds drown us out? Concerns aside, there's a certain celebratory feel to the whole event that is undeniably alluring. We're doing away with our usual controlled atmosphere and entering a world of spontaneity. We're making music in nature -- a source of so much inspiration and wonder. (And if the weather forcast holds out, we're all in for a beautiful sunset.) Whatever happens, we assure you that the music making will be fresh and alive!

Bring your family and friends! We're hoping for a large, cheering crowd to add to the joviality and unpredictability of the occassion.

And guess what? We'll be playing on two pianos: a traditional Steinway Concert D piano and one of the new white John Lennon Limited Edition Steinway Concert D pianos. What fun! "Imagine," anyone?