Great Milwaukee Review!

The ThirdCoast Digest had great things to say about our song program. FYI: We're performing a similar program several more times throughout the month of June in Connecticut, Boston, Columbia (in South Carolina), and on Long Island!

Songs – as a way we communicate – convey emotions, not just words. Take away the words and emotion remains. Fresh young piano duo Anderson & Roe dedicated a concert Sunday the feelings revealed by songs. Anderson & Roe are masters of their craft. They know as well how to move an audience. They strive less for virtuosity for its own sake than for an intense connection to the music.

And regarding our "Mathilde, Marieke, et Madeleine":

Anderson & Roe put their stamp on everything they write. They do not merely arrange, they transform. ...Their treatment of three Jacques Brel songs of unrequited love reinvented Brel, as they ventured well beyond the original melodies to connect to the emotions and build to a satisfying climax in Madeleine.