"Der Erlkönig" teaser!

Big news guys! We're releasing our latest music video on Halloween, but in the spirit of suspense, we wanted to tease things a bit... time to get excited!

We filmed the video at the Steinway Factory in Queens, NY last June. Suffice it to say, we've never put this much work into a video before. The following screen shots are only a taste of what you can expect from our "Der Erlkönig" music video. ("Der Erlkönig," by the way, is a demented and horrifying poem/song -- go look it up.) 

This video crazy. It *really* is:

Believe it or not, NO pianos were harmed in the making of this video (though after watching, many people have difficulty believing us!):

We rented a spotlight for the first time (spotlights, fyi, are a beast to carry up and down four flights of stairs!):

Liz spent much of a day on the floor...

And we dare speak of what happens to Greg:

And things get wet. Very wet:


We'll do some sort of "Making Of" blog post after we've posted the video. Stay tuned!!!