asia tour underway!

Our tour is off to a great start! A huge thanks to our fans in Taiwan and China for their overwhelming warmth and support. We love you!

Here are a couple photos from our travels. We'll be posting more throughout the tour. Also, please visit for updates and more pics!


Playing for the press -- three hours after landing in Taiwan after 18 hours of travel.


 Vegetarian fried rice in Kaohsiung. Totally delicious!



Pic from our hotel room in Chengdu, Sichuan.

 Panda bear duo :) We took this at the panda sanctuary in Chengdu. Adorable!

Dinner after the first Chinese performance: exotic foods (mostly delicious, with a few surprises) and amazing Mongolian welcome songs (we were so impressed and honored) and Chinese wine (like drinking fire!) 
The Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai China (with Liz!)
The Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai China (with Greg!)
Post-concert autograph session in Korea. There were so many cameras that we decided to get ours out too!

Hanging out at the Steinway promotional event yesterday in Singapore. One fan was particularly inspired by the story about Greg elbowing Liz mid-performance and wanted a reenactment.


Signing t-shirts for fans at the Steinway Gallery, Singapore.