Anderson & Roe review rrrrround-up (continued!)

Annnnnd.... some miscellaneous reviews from recent performances. Read on...

Audiophile Voice: 

Anderson & Roe are among the best classical pianists before the public today … they can do anything. They play Mozart like nobody’s business: electrifying in its freshness and vitality. I don’t think I’ll ever hear [Mozart’s Sonata in D Major] played better.


… magical power, pure energy ….
Anderson & Roe transformed Michael Jackson’s "Billie Jean" from a piece of mass culture to a robustly intelligent, whirling perpetual motion, a "Bolero" of pop music.
And then, above all, this combination of pianistic skill and sheer physical strength! Anderson & Roe ramp up tension that magically draws in their listeners. “I felt like I was going to burst,” said one visitor, in all seriousness.

Bob Leweke, WMRA:

Bloody knuckles and poked eyes: these two play rough. 

Winnipeg Free Press:

In [Mozart's Concerto for Two Pianos], the two pianists asserted their commanding presence and true showmanship matched by dazzling technique. The couple then tossed off a jaw-dropping, four-handed encore...that grew more incredible by the minute.

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