Alun's peculiar question...

Dear Greg and Liz,
I was just sent your wondrously passionate Libertango from someone I want to love but has a long-distance (American) lover. I'm assuming she (a Koren) and I (a Canadian) will become special friends. But as the 'other' man, I want to seek those remote possibilites. I've just spent an hour trying to decifer every important word by the 'narrator' but missing the complete. Would you kindly send me the proper wordage. I can, at least, give it (plus your CD) to her as a friend's Christmas present. Please hurry, if you can, 'cause time is running out on a move to win her over.
- Alun Josef Seguin

Dear Alun,

Thanks so much for your interesting question!

Here is the wording of the "Libertango" video. Contrary to what one might expect, the script is not from an actual textbook or lecture; this brainy yet fictitious jargon was written exclusively for this video by a friend who has a science degree! It is simply a pseudo-scientific soliloquy filled with double entendres:

"...the force between two oppositely charged masses depends on the magnitude and distribution of charge in each body and the distance between them. The force is inversely proportioned to the square of the distance between the two bodies, resulting in moderate attraction when removed from one another but exponentially greater attraction when in close proximity...."


"....towards one another and collide in a cycle whose duration depends on the elasticity of the collision. The bodies ultimately will come to rest together with the initial potential energy of their electrostatic attraction having been dissipated through the kinetic energy of their collision."

Enjoy and good luck with all your endeavors! ;)

Cheers and Happy New Year!