A Rain of Tears :'-(

This video is a prelude -- and a no-frills counterpart -- to the extraordinarily wild video to come on Halloween. Stay tuned!

We first heard the aria featured in this video a few years ago, and we instantly knew we had to find a way to play it ourselves. Vivaldi apparently liked it too, as he used it in not one, but two of his operas. To create the proper effect, we constructed a series of mutes (we love Lowes!!) to dampen the strings in Liz's piano, and among the apparatuses are several metal weights which annoy airport security to NO END! As a result, count yourself lucky to have heard us perform this piece in person. ("No, airport security person, that's not a bomb... it's mutes for a piano... seriously!") 

We filmed this video during a rehearsal before our performance at the Rockport Music Festival this past summer. The Shalin Liu Performance Center is a gorgeous concert hall, and the rainy day couldn't have been more perfect. (We're not sure we'll ever say that again!)

Enjoy our arrangement/vision of Vivaldi's "I feel within a rain of tears."