Brahms Lullaby

Our latest music video features our take on Brahms’ beloved lullaby, “Wiegenlied, Op. 49, No. 4” (from our album “Mother”), inspired by the hypnotic oscillations of a crib mobile. Some of our earliest musical memories were of our mothers singing the tune, and we’ve lovingly crafted this short film in their honor while aiming to capture the shift between wakefulness and dreamland.

We filmed the macro footage of the crystals ourselves, though it was more challenging than expected given the precision required by macro photography. We spent hours keeping the crystals fingerprint-free, spinning consistently without excessive sway, and free of unwanted reflections. We’re adding “crystal wranglers” to our resumes.

We shot most of the macro hand footage at the Tippet Rise Art Center with the fantastic Emily Rund. Like the crystals, there was little room for error. Emily was great at picking up the choreography of our hands and nailing the camera’s focus… which wasn’t easy given that all six of our hands—and a camera!—were situated in one spot. (Only a few mild bruises here and there… 😅)

In the end, we got just the shots we were after and added a few new skills to our video-making repertoire.

Want to play along? Pick up our arrangement of “Lullaby,” on sale now until Mother’s Day.