Les Larmes

Stephen Malinowski has done it again! Check out his gorgeous visual representation of our recently released recording of Les Larmes, the third movement of Rachmaninoff's Suite No. 1 (Fantaisie-Tableaux) for Two Pianos, Op. 5. The complete suite can be found on our new album, Mother.


Tears, human tears
You flow both early and late —
You flow unknown, you flow unseen
Inexhaustible, innumerable —
You flow like torrents of rain
In the depths of an autumn night.

-poem by Fyodor Tyutchev

We love how the colors and mood shift in the chromatic middle section of the piece and how he's transformed the notes of the melody into tears that bleed and blur as if seen through crying eyes. Stephen has worked similar magic on our recordings of The Cat's Fugue and Vivaldi's Sento in Seno.

Thank you, Stephen! We adore your work look forward to collaborating with you again soon!