Fall review round-up 🍂

...Time for another media round-up! We've scoured the news for highlights of our year so far.

Fake news? Real news? The Arts Saginaw has clearly taken a stand to deliver just the facts. 😉

Oh my God, people. Flying hands around each other, across each other, next to each other… Flamboyant, humorous, [Anderson & Roe’s] hands pounding the keyboard. The audience cheered like it was at a football game.
— Arts Saginaw

More quality examples of media you can trust:

Korea Herald:

Partnership does not do justice in describing the electrifying performance by the Anderson & Roe piano duo. [Anderson & Roe] showed the magic that can happen when two musicians perform with one soul. 

The Washington Post:

…Sheer power; two voices speaking as one.

The Rochester City Newspaper:

These classical rock stars are charismatic, fun, sexy and wildly talented. 

RP Online:

The crossover elements in Anderson & Roe’s performance were no publicity stunts, but rather a living and profound exploration of the duo’s musical mission. They reveled in the pleasure of music making and showcased their pianistic skill through their powerful arrangements; these adaptations went beyond merely imitating by provoking altogether new colors, tensions, and thrills.

Good News Liverpool:

SUPERSTAR piano duo [Anderson & Roe] practically blew the roof off the Liverpool Phil’s Music Room… tremendously charismatic and insanely talented… a triumphant Liverpool debut!

Ventura County Star:

These jaw-dropping virtuosos create a sound on two pianos like you’ve never heard before.

The Korea Times:


Shenandoah Magazine:


Monterey Weekly:

Electrifying would be too small a word to describe the duo. [Anderson & Roe play] in a musical environment of severe risk-taking and wide open experimentation.

Peninsula Reviews:

Duo playing of genius... impeccable! I was on my way to heaven well before the end.

Monterey County Weekly:

By now, we...are crushing pretty hard on these two. [Anderson & Roe] don’t have to prove their mastery of classical form or their creative chops; we’re putty in their hands.


A revelation! Pioneers in the...world of the classical music video... [Anderson & Roe were] one of the first signs that classical music was heading in a completely new and exciting direction.

Flying Ink Pot:

If the music got any more erotic, this would be the first classical music concert in Singapore to receive an ‘NC16’-rating!

The Pine Log:

Arguably the most famous piano duo in the world right now!