Austin's Question

Dear Greg & Liz,
I love your playing. You inspired me to write a duet! So how long did it take you to write Libertango? Did you guys just sit down one day and say, "Let's rewrite a song," or what? I JUST bought the Browns' new CD [with Greg's compositions and arrangements] by the way. Love your vids!

Dear Austin,

Thanks for all your kind words! It's always nice to hear that other people love watching and listening to us as much as we love playing together.

"What prompted us to start 're-writing' music?" The answer isn't so simple, but it stems from a desire to take a piece and make it our own. Sometimes we re-imagine music to help keep that which we love relevant to audiences today. Sometimes we do it because there isn't much music our there that suits our distinct style. Sometimes we do it to showcase our personal strengths. Sometimes to give audiences a sense of our personal relationship with the music. Sometimes it's the simple desire to perform music not originally intended for piano that leads us to arrange music.

"How long does it take to compose our music?" The Libertango arrangement was created pretty hastily. We started writing on a Sunday, started practicing the next Thursday, and we performed it two days later, on Saturday. Our Star Wars Fantasy is essentially an original composition based on a few familiar themes, and as such, it took much, much longer to compose. We started composing in February of 2006, didn't sleep for two months, and finished composing the piece on the day of the performance in early April that same year. Greg will tell you that composing (and arranging) for five pianos takes even longer. His Fantasia on "Dives and Lazarus" took six solid months to compose!

Be sure to watch for our CD release (featuring many of our original compositions and arrangements!) later this November!