Tuxedos by Steinway & Vodka by Chopin

Flanked by flickering shutters, members of the press, and mannequins wearing tuxedos valued at over $7,500, Elizabeth and I gave each other one of those looks ("...just how did we get ourselves into another one of these fabulously outrageous circumstances?") and plunged into our standard four-hand repertoire with our usual unassailable gusto. Steinway & Sons had invited Anderson & Roe to perform as the featured performers at their black tie event, celebrating none other than their new line of concert wear for men. The tuxes looked seriously awesome (next time, I hope they'll consider fitting me in one of those marvels of modern fashion), and Liz and I were happy to help celebrate the event at Steinway Hall.

We played at the end of the party, after the speeches took place, after the models showcased their new attire, and after the crowd had enjoyed plenty of Chopin vodka. Perhaps the timing was to our advantage because everyone was in a good mood; we certainly did our best to make the evening a little merrier.

I'll try to post a picture in the next couple days. You've got to see Liz's dress! She looked so hot!! The strongly-hued silk, the paisley-patterned sequins, the lace-covered slits, ah!!! I wasn't alone in my thinking - the emcee (some amazing football star whose name we've rather embarrassingly forgotten) thought Liz looked hot too. His speech following our performance made several references to "that hot girl over there in blue."