Carnival at Yamaha Artist Services

Hey! It's Greg here. Liz has had a persistent cold (that honey needs to sleep!), and so I agreed to take over to report on our latest concert.

This concert should have been an awesome event, but thanks to a very sore throat, stormy weather, an unnecessarily long concert (3+ hours...), and strange acoustics, it was nothing short of a struggle. To make matters worse, the pianos were not dovetailed. Instead, they were placed tail to tail to fit the strange stage set-up. Usually Liz and I sit a full 10-11 feet apart, but last night we were stationed a massive 20 feet apart of one another. It was like we were screaming to each other across an energy-zapping chasm, and any hopes for intimate, conversational two-piano playing disappeared in the black-hole between us.


Nevertheless, we had fun, and we were extremely appreciative to see (and hear) Keats, David, Melody, Casey, Charles, and TJ in the audience!

- Greg