(#2 of 3) Making the Video, the Anderson & Roe way

In the middle of December 2006, we devoted three frenzied days to the process of filming our own music videos. There was never a dull moment—in general, when the two of us start throwing ideas around, mischief inevitably ensues. We threw caution—and our dignity—to the wind, and we had great fun pushing the boundaries!

Equipped with Liz's mom’s modest camcorder, various “costumes,” no budget, and a few awesome friends as extras/cameramen/bemused spectators, we set to work on our second video. (Watch it below!)

The music: the "Pas de deux" from Samuel Barber's Souvenirs

The location: Timothy Dwight common room, Yale University (New Haven, CT)

The scenario: We wanted to include a sophisticated piece in our Anderson & Roe four-hand music video trilogy, and we easily settled on one of our favorites: Samuel Barber's "Pas de deux." Barber wrote the piece with a certain nostalgia toward the dance forms of the early 1900s, and we strove to evoke the same respect and reverence in our video. Hence, Liz's retro dress and my tightly combed hair.

The process: Filming the video, we found ourselves longing for the quiet world we had created for ourselves. This experience reminded us of an age before the invention of the television when it was commonplace to find people actively collaborating in the creation of music (for that matter, Liz and I usually choose practicing together over watching TV). Such a simple joy – two people coming together to create something beautiful and true – can be incredibly rewarding, and it's no wonder Barber's wistfulness soon crept into our own psyche as well.

The outtakes: :-) ...we formed our vision of these outtakes while editing the videos. There weren't too many funny moments documented on camera, but after spending hours watching ourselves conjure up some awfully intense facial expressions, we were inspired to try something a little different. Yes, the outtakes (just about) cross the line, but that's what happens when the two of us spend too much time together!

Anderson & Roe perform Barber's "Pas de deux."

Click here to watch the outtakes!