In an instance of programming wizardry, the “exhilarating” (Gramophone) Anderson & Roe Piano Duo has crafted an album on the Steinway Label showcasing the immense stylistic and expressive variety of Bach’s art. Where else can one find the apex of scholarly composition, The Art of Fugue, featured alongside one of the monuments of sacred music, the St. Matthew Passion? From heartfelt cantatas and virtuosic concertos to feats of contrapuntal aplomb, this versatile compilation sheds new light on Bach's art and ultimately reveals the matchless brilliance of the man, heard through the dynamic interplay of Anderson & Roe.



Anderson and Roe are convincing, with clear articulation and an immensely wide range of expression, from brooding to determined, from comforting to exuberant. The result is a CD that combines opposites: touching and entertaining at the same time, capturing the essence of Bach. ... bold, unconventional vivacity ... reverent, subtle, and with great artistry.
— BR Klassik