Top Ten Reasons to Purchase Reimagine


TEN | 76 minutes of memorable classical piano music.

NINE | To compare Greg & Liz’s two versions of Danse macabre - their straightforward arrangement and their "remix."

EIGHT | To confront a wilderness of emotions, instincts, styles, and stories.

SEVEN | The deluxe, digi-pack packaging; the full-color, mountaintop photos; the music; the videos; the bold graphic design.

SIX | To listen to Greg & Liz tear apart their infamous arrangement of Piazzolla’s Libertango; feel the racing heartbeats, the physical friction, and the charged chemistry.

FIVE | To support Greg & Liz.

FOUR | To hear Saint-Saëns’ “The Swan” like you’ve never heard it before. Greg & Liz immerse the melody in pianistic ripples of sound, drifting through a landscape of dreamy timelessness.

THREE | It makes the perfect gift for any music listener.

TWO | The bonus DVD; Anderson & Roe's YouTube videos in 30 high-resolution frames per second.

ONE | “The Sacrificial Dance” from The Rite of Spring. A young virgin sacrifices herself to the Gods of Spring by dancing herself to death; it’s hard-core, visceral, and thunderous music that will leave you breathless.


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