New Music • New Video Competition

We’re thrilled to announce our New Music • New Video composition competition! Driven by our passion to make classical music a relevant force in today's society, we’ve come up with a composition competition unlike any other. 

The purpose of this call is to encourage composers to create new, impactful works for piano duo. We will perform the winning submission in a fully produced Anderson & Roe music video, to be shared over all our social media channels.

This is a unique opportunity for a composer—young or old, brand new or well established, self-taught or conservatory educated—to have their work potentially reach millions of new listeners all over the world by featuring their talents on the global stage: social media.

We're incredibly eager to share our passion and platform with the winning composer, and we can't wait to see what sort of wild, weird, and exciting film we'll create together. The deadline is May 1, 2018. Start your composing engines!

Catch us "Live"!

23 AndersonRoe by Don Ptashne.jpg

We're joining host Fred Child for a friendly chat and recording session on PRI's Performance Today this Monday, November 20 at noon EST / 9:00am PST. The interview and performance will take place in New York City's new Steinway Hall before a live audience and be broadcast simultaneously via Facebook Live.

On the docket:

RACHMANINOFF: “The Night… The Love” from Suite No. 1 (Fantaisie-tableaux) for Two Pianos, Op. 5
BRAHMS / ANDERSON & ROE: “Good Evening, Good Night,” Op. 49, No. 4
MOZART / ANDERSON & ROE: Ragtime alla Turca (after the Rondo alla Turca, K. 331)

Be sure to tune in and say hello in the comments.



The taping was a success. Watch the replay here!

And tune in to Performance Today on Tuesday, November 28 to hear us perform two of our latest works: our Hallelujah Variations (Variations on a Theme by Leonard Cohen) and our cover of the Beatles' "Let It Be."

Nothing quite like rain... 🌧️

We've just wrapped up our concert here in Greenwich, Connecticut and are heading back to our hotel through a light rain. The delicate drops against our windshield remind us of the amazing video Stephen Malinowski created to accompany our rendition of Vivaldi's Sento in seno. 

Stephen's an old friend who created something similar for our Cat’s Fugue that we adore to this day. We love the way he's able to visually represent music notation, deliberately highlighting musical or narrative aspects of the score. ::cough, cough, GENIUS::

Check out his latest work—a melodic rain of tears against a harmonic pane of stained glass. We can’t imagine a more beautiful or meaningful way to visually represent Sento in seno. Bravo, Stephen!

Fall review round-up 🍂

...Time for another media round-up! We've scoured the news for highlights of our year so far.

Fake news? Real news? The Arts Saginaw has clearly taken a stand to deliver just the facts. 😉

Oh my God, people. Flying hands around each other, across each other, next to each other… Flamboyant, humorous, [Anderson & Roe’s] hands pounding the keyboard. The audience cheered like it was at a football game.
— Arts Saginaw

More quality examples of media you can trust:

Korea Herald:

Partnership does not do justice in describing the electrifying performance by the Anderson & Roe piano duo. [Anderson & Roe] showed the magic that can happen when two musicians perform with one soul. 

The Washington Post:

…Sheer power; two voices speaking as one.

The Rochester City Newspaper:

These classical rock stars are charismatic, fun, sexy and wildly talented. 

RP Online:

The crossover elements in Anderson & Roe’s performance were no publicity stunts, but rather a living and profound exploration of the duo’s musical mission. They reveled in the pleasure of music making and showcased their pianistic skill through their powerful arrangements; these adaptations went beyond merely imitating by provoking altogether new colors, tensions, and thrills.

Good News Liverpool:

SUPERSTAR piano duo [Anderson & Roe] practically blew the roof off the Liverpool Phil’s Music Room… tremendously charismatic and insanely talented… a triumphant Liverpool debut!

Ventura County Star:

These jaw-dropping virtuosos create a sound on two pianos like you’ve never heard before.

The Korea Times:


Shenandoah Magazine:


Monterey Weekly:

Electrifying would be too small a word to describe the duo. [Anderson & Roe play] in a musical environment of severe risk-taking and wide open experimentation.

Peninsula Reviews:

Duo playing of genius... impeccable! I was on my way to heaven well before the end.

Monterey County Weekly:

By now, we...are crushing pretty hard on these two. [Anderson & Roe] don’t have to prove their mastery of classical form or their creative chops; we’re putty in their hands.


A revelation! Pioneers in of the classical music video... [Anderson & Roe were] one of the first signs that classical music was heading in a completely new and exciting direction.

Flying Ink Pot:

If the music got any more erotic, this would be the first classical music concert in Singapore to receive an ‘NC16’-rating!

The Pine Log:

Arguably the most famous piano duo in the world right now!