Primavera Porteña

by Astor Piazzolla
arranged for piano/four-hands by Anderson & Roe


What do tango dancing and piano duo performance have in common?

Racing heartbeats,
intense eye contact,
physical friction,
a charged chemistry,
and an element of danger…

In transcribing Piazzolla’s irresistible melodies for four hands at one piano, we aimed to emulate the physical choreography of tango dancers, the sonic textures of a tango band, and, most importantly, the emotional spirit of the tango. Within all three of these tangos — the spicy and sassy “Primavera,” the smoky, sultry “Oblivion,” and the raw and risqué “Libertango” — we incorporate extended piano techniques as a metaphor for the tango’s forays into forbidden territory. Four-hand playing already hints at an intrinsic eroticism, but in these tangos, we dare to raise the heat and intensity to another level: we boldly invade one another’s personal space, while also exploring regions of the piano that typically remain unseen. The effect is at once sensual, visceral, and highly dramatic.

Certainly, the tango remains one of the most passionate and intimate forms of dance; it inspires a surrendering of the mundane to a world of heightened awareness and experience. These three pieces will take you on a riveting ride; feel free to lose yourself to the music's pounding aggression, then to a haze of unconsciousness, and finally to the precipice of desire.

— Greg Anderson & Elizabeth Joy Roe


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Unfortunately, the scores to these arrangements are not available for sale at this time.