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The A&R mission:

To make classical music a relevant and powerful force in society.

To connect with others; to engage, provoke, illuminate; to serve as a conduit for the composer's voice; to express our inner lives; to share the joy and fulfillment that only music can elicit. free the world from the constraints of sleep-inducing concerts.


Steinway Spirio & Wired Magazine

Have you ADMIRED us in WIRED?! ;-) Steinway Pianos has introduced a new player piano, the Spirio Piano, and it has caught the attention of some notable press. You can read the Wired article here or watch a commericial (featuring yours, truly!) for this deluxe and beguiling instrument.


All-Bach Album Release! 

We're thrilled to announce the upcoming release of our latest album (and our 4th album together as a duo!), The Art of Bach, on the Steinway Label.

From the press release:

“The most dynamic duo of this generation” (San Francisco Classical Review) offers a unique optic into the infinite genius of Bach on their newest album from the Steinway & Sons label aptly titled The Art of Bach. Spinning out from Bach’s only original works for two harpsichords — the Concerto in C Major and a revised version of the Contrapunctus XIII from The Art of the Fugue appendix, performed here on pianos — the album traverses his secular, scholarly and sacred works offering a vibrant portrait of Bach, who was, among other things, a master of counterpoint, a mathematical trickster and a transcendent spirit with a seemingly direct line to the heavens.

The album drops on January 13th, but you can pre-order your copy on ArkivMusicAmazon, or iTunes. ArkivMusic is also offering an amazing dealAn Amadeus Affair & The Art of Bach together at a reduced price.

We're also throwing an intimate release concert in the very city the album was recorded (and in the very city we met, for that matter): Manhattan! Please save the date and join us at SubCulture, Greenwich Village's "music & arts oasis," on February 10th. 

Read the album program notes here


Our gift to you

Just hear those Steinways plinking 
with keys as white as the snow! 
Take a sleigh ride with Greg Anderson
& Elizabeth Roe!
Okay ... we're musicians, not lyricists. We do love "Sleigh Ride," though, and we wanted to take you on a spin for the holidays with our latest video, featuring eight (gulp) Steinway concert grands! Perhaps we'll be dancing in your head instead of sugarplums on Christmas Eve?? As you'll see, at one point we decided to, ahem, divide ourselves to conquer six of the pianos at once... ;)

Piano Party for Two

We're back on Buzzfeed, with a yet another collection of GIFs:

"29 Reasons Why Playing The Piano Together Is The Most Fun Thing Two People Could Ever Do Together"

So, you play the piano ALL by yourself? Bor-ing! Two pianists are better (and sexier!), as proven by this crazy list featuring the Anderson & Roe Piano Duo. 


"Vocalise" in Seoul, Korea

Last June, Korea's MBC Television broadcast our concert at the LG Arts Center in Seoul. Here's our performance of Rachmaninoff's "Vocalise" (in our arrangement for piano, four-hands) from the event. It's one of our very favorite pieces; we hope you'll see why below!


We're on Buzzfeed!

From the site:

"35 Reasons Playing the Piano Is The Most Dangerous Thing Ever"

Playing classical piano isn’t for the faint of heart, mind, or fingers. In fact, it’s only for daredevils (as courageously demonstrated by the Anderson & Roe Piano Duo).



Ahh, we can’t wait to see you, Japan! Though Greg had the chance to visit and play in Japan over a decade ago, we've never performed in the Land of the Rising Sun as a duo. We'll be performing three times, in Nagoya, Kitakami, and Tokyo:

For our Japanese-speaking friends: if you'd prefer to read about our upcoming tour in Japanese, all of our upcoming tour information can be found here, at a website created by our presenters:

Hope to see you soon!! 

Greg & Liz sneak a kiss in their latest music video!

Have you missed us?! We’re back with our own version of one of the most delightfully coquettish pieces from our Grand Scherzo, based on the Act 1 finale of Mozart's "Così fan tutte." At this moment in the opera buffa, the two soldiers, Guglielmo and Ferrando, are trying to gain a kiss from two women, Fiordiligi and Dorabella, who are fairly suspicious of their advances (and if you’re familiar with the storyline, you’d know they were rightfully so!).

We filmed this music video fairly quickly—over the course of a few hours—with a small, intimate crew. Our good friends Steven Naifah and Greg Smith offered to let us film in their gorgeous garden and beautiful ballroom, which provided the stunning South Carolina setting that weaves perfectly with the high spirits, classical aesthetic, and pure joy of the music. 

We hope you enjoy watching just as much as we enjoyed filming!



We're addicted to love ;-)

What with our latest duo release (An Amadeus Affair) and our nearly non-stop touring schedule, we've had quite a number of (awesome!) reactions to our recent performances. Here's a round-up of some of the latest love we've received:

Palm Beach Daily News
Glorious… The Anderson & Roe Piano Duo’s performance was something rarely encountered in concert-going. They have a truly deep artistry … a massive range of sound and impeccable technique. Imagine two pianos on steroids. Who says classical musicians are stuffy?  

Audiophile Audition
 (regarding An Amadeus Affair):
Totally delightful … unforgettable moments of heartbroken, bittersweet, eternal love … utterly poignant. Everything is beautifully realized by Anderson & Roe; it will change the lives of all who hear it, both for the music and the way it is played.

Performing Arts Monterey Bay
The audience, like Vesuvius, erupted with one massive cheer, jumping to its feet, settling for a moment like hot pumice only to explode again minutes later for two more dazzling pyrotechnic encores. …all the flamboyance, adrenaline and infectious passion that youth and virtuosity could muster.
…sublime, heart-felt musicianship. [Their performance of Bach's] Concerto for Two Keyboards in C major showed exquisite phrasing, beautiful rich tone and a synchronicity in performance and interpretation that I have rarely seen in a live performance. 

Wayne Lee Gay of D Magazine:
Beautifully crafted, brilliantly played … this jaded old music critic was impressed by the impeccable technique and musicianship of the duo.

Palm Beach Arts Paper
Exquisite … nothing short of brilliant … Their playing left me in awe and amazement. 

Theater Jones
A gateway drug to classical music … [Anderson & Roe] get people listening and having fun doing it. Two highly skilled, energetic young pianists … really wonderful, sensible ensemble … clever, complex arrangements. Their piano four hands performance of their arrangement of the first section of Stravinsky’s ballet The Rite of Spring, which turned 100 last year, was timeless.

Dallas Observer:
Immensely talented and entertaining…
Mixing music and mayhem … [Anderson & Roe's] playing was marked by virtuosity and bubbled with youthful energy. Excellent music that was markedly different from what we usually hear, a full measure of originality, and Cliburn-level pianism. 

Greg Releases New Solo Album

In celebration of what would have been Sergei Rachmaninoff's 141st birthday, I'm super excited to announce the release of my brand new solo album. From the heavenly heights of Bach's French Suite No. 5 to the fiery depths of hell portrayed in Rachmaninoff's Piano Sonata No. 1, the album makes for a thoroughly unearthly and transcendent journey. 

Together they represent my personal journey as a pianist: I first played the French Suite as a fledgling pianist growing up in Minnesota, and the sonata I began years later as a doctoral student at Yale University. They are forever special to me; I hope that you'll similarly find meaning and beauty while exploring them.