Cliburn International Junior Piano Competition


We are super excited to announce that we’re the webcast hosts for this year’s Cliburn International Junior Piano Competition! Wouldn’t it be fun to sit next to us during a performance and let us give you the inside scoop? Well, guess what — we'll be doing all that and more, as we listen and watch the 24 best young pianists on the planet. The webcast runs from June 21st through June 28th. Before and after every performance throughout the competition, we’ll be preparing listeners for performances, discussing elements of the competition, showing behind the scenes videos, and speaking with competitors and people associated with the event. Like Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir commentating on the Olympics before us, we’ll get to analyze and cheer on all the young pianists as they glide, jump, and spin across the keys.

  • Click here to go to the Cliburn Live webpage and watch the webcast of the First Cliburn International Junior Piano Competition. From there, choose the “2015 Junior Competition” on the left of the page to watch and listen with us as well! 
  • Click here to check out the schedule of events for each performance in the Junior Competition.
  • Click here to read the bios of all the competitors themselves! 

Anderson & Roe review rrrrround-up

We've had quite a busy year so far -- touring, a new album release, and a new music video -- and the critics have taken note (and cast a pleasing eye)! We proudly present The Art of Bach review roundup:


Certainly [Bach] would have embraced Anderson & Roe's ingenuity and musicianship ... uncanny ensemble prowess ... gorgeously calibrated legato phrasing ... the music dances off the page.   

Audiophile Audition:

Aggressively brilliant contrapuntal energy ... innately meditative lyricism.

The Absolute Sound:

Contemplative, refreshing ... One of the duo’s best characteristics is on display, the ability to bring clarity of line to textures that could easily sound cluttered ... Max Reger’s transcription of the Third Brandenburg Concerto is a glittering, fantastic ending to this gorgeous-sounding release.

BR Klassik:

Anderson and Roy are convincing, with clear articulation and an immensely wide range of expression, from brooding to determined, from comforting to exuberant. The result is a CD that combines opposites: touching and entertaining at the same time, capturing the essence of Bach. ... bold, unconventional vivacity ... reverent, subtle, and with great artistry.

La Presse: 

Youthful, refreshing … their modern interpretations are dynamic and sophisticated and exploit the expressive dimensions of the piano without betraying the spirit of Bach, making for a very convincing and accessible album. 

All Music:

Intriguing ... Greg Anderson and Elizabeth Joy Roe capture a slice of the American musical past, but they also expand upon it creatively, which is what brings projects like this to life. 


Brilliant … transcendent… The Art of Bach offers listeners a new way of hearing Bach's works on piano from one of today's most exciting duos.


Purchase The Art of Bach at, or iTunes.

Anderson & Roe review rrrrround-up (continued!)

Annnnnd.... some miscellaneous reviews from recent performances. Read on...

Audiophile Voice: 

Anderson & Roe are among the best classical pianists before the public today … they can do anything. They play Mozart like nobody’s business: electrifying in its freshness and vitality. I don’t think I’ll ever hear [Mozart’s Sonata in D Major] played better.


… magical power, pure energy ….
Anderson & Roe transformed Michael Jackson’s "Billie Jean" from a piece of mass culture to a robustly intelligent, whirling perpetual motion, a "Bolero" of pop music.
And then, above all, this combination of pianistic skill and sheer physical strength! Anderson & Roe ramp up tension that magically draws in their listeners. “I felt like I was going to burst,” said one visitor, in all seriousness.

Bob Leweke, WMRA:

Bloody knuckles and poked eyes: these two play rough. 

Winnipeg Free Press:

In [Mozart's Concerto for Two Pianos], the two pianists asserted their commanding presence and true showmanship matched by dazzling technique. The couple then tossed off a jaw-dropping, four-handed encore...that grew more incredible by the minute.

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